Fees and Registration

Registration is now open for the Olympia Dragon Boat Festival.

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Recreational/Competitive (Mixed, Women, Open) – Established dragon boat teams that practice together regularly.

Community/Corporate (Mixed) – Teams from the community and local businesses that have not practiced together more than 2 times in the last year.

Masters are athletes over 40, and youth teams are athletes 14-19 years of age. We are welcoming survivors of all types of cancer.

Mixed team composition will follow IDBF rules of 10 men and 10 women on mixed teams, with the number of men never exceeding 50% of the entire crew. However, the required number of men will be relaxed for this race. In other words, your mixed team may have more women than men.

For Women’s team composition, all paddlers must identify as female. For open team composition, paddlers may be of any gender.

Rec/Comp teams please provide your own steersperson. Steerspersons may be any gender and any age (minimum 14 years old) for any division or specialty race. Community/Corporate teams will be provided a steersperson.

Please note that all divisions and specialty races are dependent on enough registrants to form a heat. Typically, 4 entries create a division. In the event that a division or specialty race is not viable, registration fees will be refunded for that race.

For questions, please contact the race director.